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Easy steps to avoid locking keys in the car

Most modern cars are sold with roadside assistance, such as OnStar and with a phone call their doors can be opened in an instant. Below are other options to help avoid getting locked out of a car. You can always call AJB Towing for help.

1. Get in the habit of locking doors from the outside. That way the keys will not get locked in the car. Locking the doors from the inside will only continue the habit of forgetting to take the keys out of the ignition or forgetting them on the seat.

2. Keep a spare key in a wallet or purse. Everyone has daily tasks and they cannot help but be forgetful of little things like removing keys from the ignition, especially if the car alarm remote is not attached to the car keys. Keeping a spare key will help ease the stress of dealing with misplaced keys.

3. Attach a lanyard keychain to the car keys. Having that long strip is noticeable and convenient. Car keys can be detached from the clip on the lanyard and set aside with the rest of the keys while the car is in use. Before exiting the car the driver can reattach the keys to the lanyard and store in a pocket or purse.

4. If lanyards are not too bulky for a driver they can attach their keys to a carabiner. A carabiner is a metal loop that engages a spring load gate to lock keys to the loop. The loop can be hooked onto a belt, jeans or purse strings.

5. Use a retractable leash that can be attached to clothing. This will force the individual to remove the key from the doors and ignition every time the car is not in use or their clothes will get tugged on as they move. As long as the key is attached to the leash properly the car key will never go missing in the car or home.

6. If leashes and lanyards are out of the question attach a small bell to the car key. After removing the key from the car door or ignition the driver should be able to hear and locate the key every time.

7. There is even an option for drivers to go keyless if the car dealer or model is compatible with the technology. According to Wikipedia, a remote keyless system may allow both entry of the vehicle and ignition start without the use of keys. As long as the driver has the remote in their hand they will never lock themselves out.

8. Learn how to utilize windows without breaking them. Most older model cars with manual roll-down windows can be forced down the window slot with slow movements. Here is how to roll down your window from the outside:

  • Window should be slightly open to be rolled down
  • Place fingertips between window slot and grip firmly
  • Gently rock the hands from left to right, while applying downward pressure
  • Keep rocking hands until the opening has become big enough to slide an arm inside to reach the lock
  • If one window does not cooperate, try the other one
  • This may not work for windows rolled all the way up

Lastly, if none of these do not fit the driver’s preference then they ought to train themselves to always keep their keys in a safe place. Before exiting the car the driver should immediately put their keys in their pocket or purse, hold on to them as they step out and then lock the door. This way there is no confusion as to where the keys may be.

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